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Refract Eléctrica - is a national company founded in September 2003 by the partners Francisco Mauricio, João Tavares and Mauriplás, betting on the continuity and development of the work already done by it, taking advantage of the production technologies that already had in the electric branch in the scope of production of equipment boxes and with prospects of expanding the business, opting in May 2007 to merge the two companies.

Refract Eléctrica - had its headquarters and warehouse our first installations in Porto, which served as support from September 2003 to May 2009, at which time we restructured the company and closed the facilities of Porto, passing the company to be headquartered in Roge - Vale de Cambra, where already worked the company, also began to operate the administrative services and warehouse.

Throughout these years and acquiring some knowledge, by exigency and necessity of the market we were facing new realities, we tried to strengthen the purchase and sale, improving methods capable of developing a work that aims at our own production, whose main products are the Boxes of Equipment and Tube for coating electrical and telecommunications cables, (Isogris and Anelado). In order to be able to give more answers, in June 2014 we acquired some PVC pipe production lines that were produced in a new industrial unit in Ovar.

In order to respond to the difficulties of the market, we have a team that is more and more experienced and willing to give everything to be able to respond in the best way to the wishes of our customers, always trying to improve and collaborate.

It has always been our will to make the company dynamic, focused on the needs and satisfaction of all those who work with us, constantly improving our services and and making them available.